Why we do what we do.

The bar was created out of a desire to offer a place of respite from the noise and turmoil of the day. To that end, you will not find a TV. We do not offer draft beer. The sounds of blenders and soda guns will not interupt your conversations or  enjoyment of music. You will find comfortable seating, elegant lighting and interesting decor. Our live music venue seats 45 providing, in essence, a private concert in the comfort of a living room.


Thursday – Saturday
6pm – midnight

Dress Code
Business Casual; no shorts (men and women), athletic wear, or flip flops. Dark jeans OK.

Reservation Info
Please call for $10/person prepaid reservations to the 9PM shows.
Reservations mean you don't have to worry; a seat with your name on it will be waiting for your arrival. Reservations for the first set are held until 10:15. Non refundable. The $10 does not get you anything except the warm feeling of knowing your seat is waiting for you. 
Reservations are not necessary. You are welcome to simply walk in and if there is a seat available, it's your lucky day. Should you think of arriving well in advance of the 9PM show to secure a seat - there is still a $10/person drink minimum for the early show and another for the 9PM show.

Reservations are not accepted via email or FaceBook.

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610-A South Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601
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Live Music


Thursday, October 17 8:30 - 11:30 PM

Leisha J Artist's Website

Leisha Joy Harvey is one of the most anomalous saxophonist on the jazz scene today. Born and raised in upstate SC, Leisha is able to induce her style to any venue. She's performed throughout the southeast at many venues and festivals. Her mellifluous riffs on the soprano, alto, and tenor, adds ear candy to any genre of music. From Blues to Rhythm & Blues, Leisha enthralls audiences in every performance. She will be joined by Thomas McCoy.


Friday, October 18 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Stefan Edward Artist's Website

Stefan Edward is the latest in the singer/songwriters hailing from the well established music scene in Frederick, MD. With a sound reminiscent of independent trailblazers like Tim Buckley and Dispatch, Stefan is a thoughtful lyricist. Add to that the catchy melodies and self contained foot-tapping rhythms that drive the lyrics, and you have a solo artist who can keep a room captivated.


Friday, October 18 9-midnight

Men In Motion Artist's Website

Men In Motion is an east coast native band, mastering 70s Motown, R&B, pop and top 40 music styles from artists such as Kool and the Gang, The Time, etc. Wear your dancing shoes. Prepaid reservations accepted but not necessary. They do guarantee a seat on arrival. They do not apply toward food or drinks. Just the seat waiting when you arrive. And a bowl of nuts. Dress Code Business Casual. No shorts, athletic wear, flip-flops. Dark un-torn jeans OK.


Saturday, October 19 9-Midnight

Itchy & The Chiggers Artist's Website

How do you define Itchy & the Chiggers? It’s Rock and Roll from a time when Rock and Roll was fun... but not silly. Rhythm and Blues from a time when “R & B” was cool... but not cold. It’s a healthy dose of the Blues from a time when Blues came from the heart...not from a synthesizer and a drum machine. We’re about real musicians playing real music on real instruments. Nothing wrong with that other stuff if that’s what you like, it’s just not what we do. Prepaid reservations accepted though not necessary (they guarantee a seat on arrival). Dress Code Business Casual. No shorts, athletic wear, flip flops. Dark un-torn jeans ok.


Thursday, October 31 8:30 - 11:30

Eric Weiler & Friends Artist's Website

An evening of nothing but the blues with Eric Weiler, Joe Jones, Matthew Jennings and Sonny Thornton. No rock, no roll but there will be tons of soul! Prepaid reservations available.

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