Why we do what we do.

The bar was created out of a desire to offer a place of respite from the noise and turmoil of the day. To that end, you will not find a TV. We do not offer draft beer. The sounds of blenders and soda guns will not interupt your conversations or  enjoyment of music. You will find comfortable seating, elegant lighting and interesting decor. Our live music venue seats 45 providing, in essence, a private concert in the comfort of a living room.


Thursday – Saturday
5pm – until

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610-A South Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601
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Live Music


Thursday, June 21 8:30-11:30 PM

Sonny Disposition Artist's Website

Sonny Thornton's Disposition Trio present an evening of classical and traditional jazz. Ethan Burkhardt on bass plays it cool and smooth while Aaron Bowen behind the piano provides the animation. The interplay between the trio is a treat to both observe and hear. Sometimes a jazz/blues musician will pop by and sit in. No Cover.


Friday, June 22 6:30 - 8:30

Sean Cronin Artist's Website

Join Sean with his soulful voice, his guitar in hand and in the company of friends. Come on in and escape the heat with a tall cool drink. No Cover.


Friday, June 22 9-midnight

Dante Zapata Artist's Website

Born and raised in McMinnville, OR, Dante now resides in the ever growing city of Portland, OR. He is first and foremost a Blues and Soul musician, but he's also known for playing anything from folk to gospel to reggae. Being a talented dancer, this gifted, young musician has also gained a powerful reputation in the Blues Dance community's across the country. We invite you to visit his website for a sampling of his talent. Tonight he will be joined by local musicians Mark Eshenbaugh and Sonny Thornton. No Cover.


Saturday, June 23 6:30-8:30

Noel Riddle

Noel Riddle's acoustic performance has been described as Southern Grit. His Piedmont style of jazz and blues can be enjoyed Saturday at Rainer's. No Cover.


Saturday, June 23 9-midnight

Dante Zapata Artist's Website

Portland musician Dante Zapata is first and foremost a Blues and Soul musician, but he's also known for playing anything from folk to gospel to reggae. "For the past few years I've had more opportunities in music than I ever thought possible for myself. I've officially become an international musician. I've done shows in France and Switzerland, Seattle, California, Colorado, Tennessee, and New York. I love music and performing, Its what I was born to do." No Cover.




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