Why we do what we do.

The bar was created out of a desire to offer a place of respite from the noise and turmoil of the day. To that end, you will not find a TV. We do not offer draft beer. The sounds of blenders and soda guns will not interupt your conversations or  enjoyment of music. You will find comfortable seating, elegant lighting and interesting decor. Our live music venue seats 45 providing, in essence, a private concert in the comfort of a living room. And in case you are wondering....you have to be 21 to get in. 


Thursday shows are 8:30 - 11:30. Friday and Saturday 9-midnight.


610-A South Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601

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Dress Code

Business Casual; no shorts (men and women), athletic wear, ball caps, crop tops or flip flops. No distressed jeans (ripped or torn). 

Reservation Info

Please call for $10/person prepaid reservations.  Those with a reservation will be admitted prior to general seating. Reservations hold your seat until 9:45 so enjoy your dinner and know you will have a seat when you arrive.

Reservations are not accepted via email or FaceBook.

Live Music

Thursday, June 24 8:30-11:30
Hustle Souls

Hustle Souls is a power-house soul band based in Asheville, NC who “play with unbridled energy and produce a catchy sound that feels vintage." - Acoustic Asheville " Prepaid reservations accepted.

Friday, June 25 9-midnight
JL Fulks

L Fulks, is an American Singer-Songwriter and Professional Guitarist. He is known for his versatile approach to the guitar, his captivating songs, and smooth vocals. In 2020 he received the International Music & Entertainment Association - Country Artist of the Year and Country Song of the Year (Hold on Tight) awards. We look forward to his visit!

Saturday, June 26 9 PM - midnight
Kami Ocean

Kami Ocean (lead vocals) is a seasoned singer with a gift for delivering an unforgettable vocal performance. In 2010, she had the distinct honor of singing live on the Grand Ole Opry stage in Nashville, Tennessee for the nationally televised Stellar Awards. Another layer of Kami's talent includes her work as a studio vocalist. Prepaid Reservations Available. Business casual dress code in effect. One drink/person/set minimum.

Thursday, July 1 8:30 - 11:30
Gwen Hughes Hinton

As Grady Harp writes on Amazon Music: “ Not only does Gwen Hughes have an exceptional voice by anybody’s standards, but she surpasses that magnificent gift with the manner in which she makes her terrific songs communicate.” Gwen Hughes has crooned from Paris to Istanbul and appeared as a character in a detective novel (Phillip DePoy’s, Dancing Made Easy, published by Dell.) The US State Department sponsored two tours of the band through Eastern Europe. Gwen also has appeared on television, most recently on Donald Glover’s “Atlanta,” as well as appearances on “Stand Against Evil” (IFC) and “Murder Comes to Town” and “Dead Silent” (both on Investigation ID).

Friday, July 2 9-midnight
Marvin King Revue

Despite the big-sounding name, the Marvin King Revue is about as stripped-down a band as you can get. “The Revue is a three-piece band,” King says. “Tommy Bryan on drums, John Brookshire on bass, and myself. I like a trio because you have to fill up that void; all three forces have to come together to make it sound full because obviously you don’t have a keyboard or a rhythm guitar filling all those gaps.”

Saturday, July 3 9-midnight
Levels with David E

Put on your going out clothes and head on down! That's right. Levels with David E is back! Prepaid reservations accepted. Business casual dress code. One drink/set minimum.

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